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10th November — DEFTECH-DAY : Human-Machine Interaction

On 10th November 2020 will take place the 19th DEFTECH-DAY about human-machine interaction. In one [...]

26 mai 2020 – atelier du soldat du futur

Le 26 mai 2020, ensemble avec Emmanuel Chiva, directeur de l’agence d’Innovation de l’armée française [...]

13 November 2019 – What a great day!

What a great day! Thank you to everybody for joining the DEFTECH-DAY “Swiss Ecosystem for [...]

13 November 2019 – Swiss Ecosystem for Defence Innovation

2 weeks left before the event “Swiss Ecosystem for Defence Innovation: are we ready for [...]

DEFTECH Days 2020 – Save The Dates

Book the following dates for the DEFTECH-DAYS 2020: 05.05.2020Human Machine Interface and Interaction: the most [...]