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Deftech-Day | Military Human Challenges | PROGRAM AVAILABLE

Discover the program of the Deftech-Day on "New technologies for military human challenges". Because the [...]

Swiss Resilience International Support | RESINT

In a digital and interconnected world, recent crisis situations have revealed the key role played [...]

D-Day | Mission Critical | PROGRAM AVAILABLE

In the world of defence where mission critical systems is the rule, how to integrate [...]


Anticipaction Project: What if we focused on the organisational aspect of anticipation? How, by whom [...]

15 juin 2023 – Lancement de l’association Futurs

Ce rendez-vous incontournable sera l'occasion de nous présenter, de vous rencontrer et de partager les [...]

Tech News substitute the deftech.scans

Technology news under the form of posts substitute the deftech.scan for a better divulgation of [...]

Science & Technology Trends 2023-2043

Great job done by NATO STO with respect to two reports dedicated to Science and [...]

The Three-Body Circular Foresight

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno. Known better when mentioned by the 3 musketeers « One [...]

deftech.2023 | Main Research Topics

For 2023, deftech main activities will rotate around the following main themes: 1. Civilian products [...]