Computing Superiority

Given the ever-increasing amount of data and information being generated, who will process it quicker might run through the OODA Loop quicker than the adversary and therefore gain an undisputable advantage. If energy is the digital blood, computing provides you with the digital muscles and the agility to face the enemy.

04.A Cyber Attack

Crack certain types of encryption in microseconds. Overcome cyber defences to disrupt or destroy others’ computer systems.

Keywords :
Quantum computing, hacker

04.B Assure Reception of Signals

Assure reception of signals by optimal dynamic use of electromagnetic spectrum to avoid electronic attack, avoid detection, maximise available bandwidth and send data even in congested/contested environments.

Keywords :
Electronic warfare Counter Measures

04.C Precision Control Swarms

Precision control of swarms of hypersonic vehicles/missiles in-flight.

Keywords :
Simultaneous control, instant

04.D Achieve Trust

Achieve trust in who you’re dealing with and the information they exchange with you in zero trust environments, for example to exchange money or control check points.

Keywords :
Biometrics, blockchain, database

04.E Train in Virtual

Deploy realistic simulated virtual/augmented reality training environments to prepare soldiers in real-time for mission tasks by incorporating input from live sensor feeds into hyper-realistic physics and human behaviour models.

Virtual/augmented reality, game

04.F Course of Action Analysis

Simulate billions of potential courses of action and identify the most optimal to meet given objectives within microseconds and adapt recommendations to real-time sensor information.

Keywords :
Wargame, decision support

04.G Global Intelligence Picture

Conduct continuous global intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance in space, air, land, maritime (surface and underwater) domains and fuse data into one coherent rich intelligence system, with high signal-to-noise ratio.

Keywords :
Loitering UAS, big data

04.H Situational awareness

Know where every single individual and item of inventory that belongs to your organization is exactly at any time.

Asset/people tracking, real-time

04.I Complex Chem/Bio Analysis

Instantly analyse and identify chemical or biological substances remotely or using small, lightweight, low power modules installed in hand-carried or unmanned systems.

Keywords :
CBRN, stand-off detection

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Image sources:
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