Assured Connectivity

The capacity to use the largest possible part of the electromagnetic spectrum while sharing its efficiently has the objective of guaranteeing the use of these resources in the case of a conflict, while denying it to the adversary. Considering the importance of the digital world and the growing exchange of electronic information, guaranteeing their security, reliability, and the overall resilience of the system are essential foundations for the conduct of any operations.

02.A Real-Time Video Feeds

Access reliable real-time unhackable streaming video feeds from hand-held wireless devices

Keywords :
Streaming video, live feed, 5-6G

02.B Assure Information Integrity

Assure the source and integrity of own information and data in your networks to prevent insertion of distracting or false information by hackers.

Keywords :
Assurance, trust, blockchain

02.C Use Commercial Networks

Utilize state-of-the-art global always-on commercial communications networks for secure encrypted communication and data transfer.

Keywords :
WiFi, 6G, bandwidth, encryption

02.D Underwater/ground Comms

Communicate wirelessly in underwater (long range)/underground (short range) environments.

Keywords :
Everywhere networking

02.E Eavesdrop on Network Traffic

Listen in on network traffic in a way that your eavesdropping is known, but cannot be identified.

Keywords :
SIGINT, electronic warfare

02.F Resist Electronic Attack

Resist electronic warfare attacks.

Keywords :
Dynamic freq. allocation

02.G Self-Repair Cabling

Detect and repair faults in physical communications lines (e.g. Fibre) in situ with trained military technicians, or autonomously.

Keywords :
Self-repair, hi-speed comms

02.H Reconfigurable Networking

Automatically reconfigure communications networks as required to compensate for missing or damaged nodes or links. Allow for graceful data transmission failure.

Dynamic architecture

02.I Distribute Data Storage

Store and retrieve strongly encrypted data and information in a distributed way across the network so it is always accessible and recoverable.

Keywords :
Internet of things, blockchain

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Image sources:
02.A; 02.B; 02.C; 02.D; 02.E; 02.F; 02.G; 02.H; 02.I

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