Energy self-sufficiency

Energy is the blood that powers almost every component used in the armed forces. It is a challenge to create it and to store it but without it, no much happens.

05.A Reduce Energy Consumption

Optimise energy (Fuel, Electricity, Food) consumption for significantly longer battlefield sustainment cycles and reduced resupply needs without significant loss of capability.

Keywords :
Efficiency, sustainment

05.B Harvest Energy

Harvest energy from the sun, air, ground, movement or heat. Reducing need to recharging and refuelling.

Keywords :
Renewable, free energy

05.C Common International Fuel

Refuel any vehicle with international common standard synthetic fuels.

Keywords :
Common standard, synthetic fuel

05.D Local Fuel Production

Create synthetic fuels using mobile deployable production plants from materials commonly available in any operational area such as vegetation, soil, water.

Keywords :
Biofuel, synthetic production

05.E Self-Charging Batteries

Generate renewable energy adequate for the daily needs of an individual soldier in units that are light enough to be carried by the soldier him/herself.

Keywords :
Lightweight, long life, battery

05.F Wireless Power Transfer

Wirelessly transfer power to systems that are too small or out of range for recharging at static charging points. Must be line of sight between system and charging system.

Keywords :
Wireless charging, UAS

05.G Mega Battery

Provide power for several weeks to a small megacity/country (10M+ inhabitants) from deployable strategic energy storage cells.

Keywords :
Battery, high capacity

05.H Unlimited High Energy

Run unlimited number of high energy computing (e.g. complex AI systems), networking and sensing technologies for an effectively unlimited amount of time.

Keywords :
High power, energy supply

05.I Unmanned Refuelling

Summon an unmanned refuelling system which can deploy to refuel systems in air, maritime or land environments.

Keywords :
UAS, refuelling, autonomous

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Image sources :
05.A; 05.B; 05.C; 05.D; 05.E; 05.F; 05.G; 05.H; 05.I

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