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Space is generally considered to begin 90 – 100 km above sea- level. Space Technologies exploit or must contend with the unique operational environment of space, which includes: freedom of action, global field of view, speed, freedom of access; a near vacuum; micro-gravity; isolation; and, extreme environments (temperature, vibration, sound and pressure).

10.A Precision Satellites

Surgically deliver a kinetic effect from space to targets larger than 10cm in diameter. Or, an instant energy effect on the ground for targets larger than 2m diameter, and can also be used as wireless charging for all the equipment in the area.

Keywords :
Energy, long range, precision

10.B Stealth Satellites

It is impossible to target capabilities on-board these satellites through remote means. Visible contact is ok though.

Keywords :

10.C Solar Space Power

Can deliver very large quantities of energy everywhere on Earth provided you have the necessary equipment to receive it.

Keywords :
Power delivery, precision

10.D Asteroid mining

Have rare earths and ultra-rare resources (like 3He) superiority/domain.

Keywords :
Rare earths, precious resources

10.E Instant launch

Launching into low Earth orbit (LEO) is possible from forward-operating bases. Payload per satellite is single-purpose and short-lived. Swarms of micro/nano-sats can be launched as well.

Keywords :
Microsats, Swarms

10.F Global radar

Targeting from space using GPS or other EM echoes.

Keywords :
Targeting, Signals of opportunity

10.G Moon Base

Have a persistent counterattack/observation base for Earth-orbiting objects. Defeats Earth-oriented countermeasures. Weaponisation of Moon?

Keywords :
Moon, counterattack, orbit

10.H Weaponised space debris

Allow for plausible deniability of adversarial satellite destruction and vast ground strike.

Keywords :

10.I Deep insertion

Choose one: either you get a strategic resupply anywhere on Earth, or you can project forces anywhere on Earth in hours.

Keywords :
Combat support, Infiltration

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Source of the images :
10.A; 10.B; 10.C; 10.D; 10.E; 10.F; 10.G; 10.H; 10.I

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