Space is a unique physical domain challenging Allies’ traditional perceptions of time, distance and geography. It is generally considered to begin 90 – 100 km (the Karman line) above sea-level.

Space Technologies exploit or must contend with the unique operational environment of space, which includes: freedom of action, global field of view, speed, freedom of access; a near-vacuum; micro- gravity; isolation; and extreme environments (temperature, vibration, sound and pressure).

China successfully tests “most powerful” Mach 30 wind tunnel

In mid-July the government of the People’s Republic of China released a video showing what [...]

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Resilience and creativity in the contested environment of Ukraine

Reporting from Defense One in March indicates that Ukrainian forces operating behind Russian lines are [...]

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US Space Development Agency takes steps toward space resilience

The US Space Development Agency (SDA) launched the first 10 of its 28 Tranche 0 [...]

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