Gender and pre-conceptions about yourself

There are other interesting questions that we can look at with all the data at our disposal. Namely

  • Does gender play any role in the attitude toward AI?
  • One of the question during the survey is “In your opinion, are your choices close to the majority of the other participants?”, and interestingly enough roughly 60% of the participants think that they are different, that they think not as the majority. Is that really so, or have participants pre-conceptions about themselves?


An obvious question is if gender plays any role in the attitude toward AI. There should not be any reasons to believe that it does, but it always good to base our conclusions on data. The figure below shows clearly that men and women follow almost the same kind of behaviour during the story. The vertical line indicates the so called median, namely 50% of the participants lie below the line, and 50% lie above it. So basically no difference whatsoever is discernible from the data. Admittedly something to be expected.


Pre-conceptions about themselves

At the moment of writing, a large number of participants (187) think that they are different from the majority, at least for their attitude toward AI. Let’s look at the data, and in particular at the figure blow that compare the two groups.


The two groups are extremely similar, with no discernible different visible. So that means that people THINK that they behave differently, but this is not what data tell us. People tend to have pre-conceptions about themselves, but those are, at least in the context of FANTASIA, not reflected in the data.