Swiss Resilience International Support | RESINT

In a digital and interconnected world, recent crisis situations have revealed the key role played by diasporas in supporting a country’s defence and resilience efforts.

In 2022, around 10% of Swiss people were living abroad, many of them with great professional success.

What if this “5th Switzerland” could make its knowledge and skills available to support the country’s resilience?

This is the scenario we have explored through the prototyping of a skills centre called RESINT (Swiss Resilience International Support) and its communications network RESNET.

The aim of this foresight exercise is to:

  1. Stimulate the imagination about access to the know-how of Swiss people abroad made available by emerging technologies and this to support the country’s defence and resilience efforts,
  2. Clarify whether this scenario should be explored further and, if so, how,
  3. Map and define the role of the various players (armed forces, FDFA, etc.) if a more detailed exploration is implemented.

Our prototype RESINT has generated curiosity and interest.

Help us define whether this is a desirable scenario and what it would look like today if a decision were made to go ahead with it.


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