What, Why and When? A Review of the Key Issues in the Development and Deployment of Military Human‑Machine Teams

You’ve probably already used terms whose meaning you – or anyone else, for that matter – don’t fully grasp, but which you nevertheless choose to use to keep up with the times. Among these terms, “artificial intelligence” and its abbreviation, “AI”, will likely occupy first place.

Whether describing a product, a service or a function, artificial intelligence/AI is ever more frequently used as the guarantor of what could be perceived as “super efficiency”. The absence of reference to it is perceived today as a sign of “inefficiency”.

These terms almost always polarise and provoke debate, arousing both fears and expectations, mistrust and hope.

The subject of this paper is not AI as such, but “human-machine teaming“, or HMT, which we consider as a possible milestone in the evolution of weaponry.