Dear reader, you will find here various publications whose aim is to share the potential impacts of technologies on the future of society with a particular focus on the security and military worlds.

We have tried different formats in order to make abstract and complex content as attractive as possible. Some of the publications also present the methodology used and the setting up of the technology foresight programme.

Some books available in digital format are also available in printed form, providing a much higher rendering than the computerized version. Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive one or more copies.


Prospective technologique et simulation : Jouer aujourd’hui c’est gagner demain !

Highlights – Urbanity
English, HD for printing
Deutsch, HD zum Druck


Technologies de rupture et forces armées: Aide à la décision prospective pour systèmes complexes
Français, Deutsch


Technological developments and challenges: Perspectives between fiction and reality

English, Français

Deutsch, Italiano




Defence Future Technologies: Emerging Technology Trends 2015

Deutsch, English