Technological Artefact Laboratory

Genesis and context of the project

Starting from the hypothesis that a technological application, whether civilian or military, perceived as positive will have a better chance of developing than an application perceived as negative, we are interested in better understanding this “frontier of acceptability”.

The first attempt highlighted the risks of polarisation of opinion encountered when considering technologies outside their context of use.

The project Technocast addresses this by immerging the participant in an immersive and interactive environment. Not only will you have to make choices, but you will be confronted with their consequences!

Technocast, the technological artefact laboratory

A true laboratory at the interface of several disciplines, Technocast aims to experiment with new forms of statistical studies, favouring immersion.

It pursues two objectives:

  1. To better understand our uses and opinions regarding complex technological fields, both in the civil and military fields.
  2. Develop fictional narrative techniques to obtain contextualised decisions and opinions.

A fun format at the service of statistical studies

This project, conceived and realised in partnership with the foresight and design fiction collective Le Coup d’Après, Toelt SA and Prof. Aya Kachi combines statistical study and playful experience.

It is based on a rich collaboration between actors from different disciplines: politics, statistics, technology foresight, computer sciences, innovation, writing and design.

Its main objective is to better identify the positioning of society, both civil and military, with respect to the use of different technology areas.


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