deftech, the technology foresight programme of armasuisse Science and Technology, aims to anticipate disruptive use-cases, opportunities as well as threats, for the Swiss Department of Defence.

This anticipation is based on an understanding of the technologies and their combined developments. It is necessary to understand what effects they will have and how they can be used to address different challenges. To do this, it is also necessary to consider the different future situations and contexts in which these technologies could evolve.

The deftech.exploration workbooks are part of this process. They offer an exploration of different technology areas and challenges in which technology plays its part.

Each workbook is organised according to the same structure. You will find an introduction to the technology, news related to the theme and short prospective fictions. These elements are accompanied by exercises that will allow you to explore the different facets of the technological fields and to project yourself into the future. The standard A4 format allows for professional printing and binding and printing on a desktop printer.

The exploration and accompanying exercises can be done individually, but are also designed for group works.

For resource purposes only, all the workbooks are available in French and German.
If you want to generate an English version, please contact us to get access to the original documents.

#4 Confiance

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#3 Invisibilité

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#2 Engins et Systèmes Autonomes

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#1 Augmented Soldier

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