Militarot is a card game that allows you to run different creative workshops around technological trends and consider what they could make possible. These various futuristic skills and products appear today as super powers.

Originally created for use in a military context, it can eventually be used in other environments.

The basic deck consists of 52 cards; 32 super powers, 10 civil functions, 10 military functions.

Except for the main Militarot Deck, all the other documents are available in French and German only.
If you would like to create an English version of them, please contact us.

Militarot (original deck)

Document for printing (English)

Operating Principles

Document for printing (French)

Example of use – Anticipation workshop (made for the of 31.08.2022)

The workshop allows for the analysis of a specific situation from the perspective of different civilian and military functions. The final goal is to imagine actions and products that minimise the negative effects of the situation while revealing opportunities in relation to it.


Instructions (French)

4-step procedure

Prospective fictions (French-German)

25 imaginary situations

Canvas (French-German)

Working document, A3-A4

In coordination with

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