FantasIA – An immersive experience in the future

FantasIA, first part of the project Technocast, is a sound, podcast-type experience, interactive and prospective in which the listener plays his or her own role. The action takes place in the probable future, close to us in time. Within an amusement park and during an eventful day, the listener becomes the human consciousness of an artificial intelligence – Anna – which manages the safety of the park. Confronted with realistic dilemmas the listener will have to make choices to best use Anna’s potential.

The objective of FantasIA is to minimise opinion bias, by projecting the listener into a contextualised decision scheme. The podcast alternates so-called “strategic” questions, those taken into account in the study and which create a branch in history, with “atmospheric” questions which are there to maintain interactivity in the experience but which have no impact, either on history or on the study.

The study is anonymous, and its results are open to all.

Have a good trip!

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Technical and artistic direction

  • Bakasable : Heidi Ghernati, Hugo Rulier, Marie Goyet, Marjori Gaboriau
  • Alexandre Jullian-Fradin

Visual identity

Composition, editing, mixing

Sound recording


  • Ingrid Parois, in the role of Anna
  • Sébastien Landry, in the role of the safety officer
  • Rodolphe Collé, in the role of the director
  • With the participation of Nicolas Martinez, Gerald Dorai, Cécilia Dorai, Quentin Ladetto, Pamela Bellier, Romain Fenouil, Matthieu Gioani, Anne-Laure Guermont

Voice off (trailer and end credits)

  • Mélanie Périrhin


  • English version : Noémie Joubert, Marie Brummer, Kristin Knickelbein, Quentin Ladetto
  • German version: Jeanne Simonnet, Benjamin Sawicki
  • Italian version : Cristina Lazzari, Quentin Ladetto