Le soldat et l'IA générative

The future is not what comes after the present, but what is different from it.

Gaston Berger

The deftech foresight program of armasuisse Sciences et Technologies, inspires, informs and instructs the armed forces and its various stakeholders about the opportunities and threats brought about by the use of technology.

Through its products and activities, the program contributes to a collaborative and participative venture that strengthens Switzerland’s defence capability.


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An Introduction to Mission Critical Thinking

Enjoy the February 2024 version of the Deftech-Scan !

Das Workbook von Der Soldat und generative KI

Plus que le thème de l’IA générative en soi, c’est bien le processus et la [...]

Deftech-Scan February 2024

Enjoy the February 2024 version of the Deftech-Scan !

Swiss Resilience International Support | RESINT

In a digital and interconnected world, recent crisis situations have revealed the key role played [...]

D-Day | Mission Critical | PROGRAM AVAILABLE

In the world of defence where mission critical systems is the rule, how to integrate [...]

Le Workbook du Soldat et l’IA Générative

Plus que le thème de l’IA générative en soi, c’est bien le processus et la [...]

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