You are the Human Consciousness of Anna, the Artificial Intelligence in charge ofthe security of the amusement park Fantasia. Today is your first day at work, and you discover what this is about: you will need to help Anna decide when her confidence rate is too low. Throughout the day, you will have to make choices between Anna’s suggested solutions, following your instinct.

There is another reason why today is not like every other day. A new law has just been approved, allowing parks like Fantasia to use visitors’ personal data without their consent for security matters. On your very first day at work, you learn that a terrorist attack occurred in Historia, another park similar to Fantasia. Anti-tech terrorists hacked the artificial intelligence in charge of the security of this park to protest against the new law. The lever of emergency is risen to maximum, Fantasia might be a target as well!

Your first big decision is to help Anna decide whether you should start analyzing visitors’ personal data to prevent the terrorists from attacking the park.
According to your first decision, you will experience different story paths.

On the one hand, the more technology-friendly choices will help you fail the attack. In the end, you will have to decide whether Anna should be granted full autonomy without any human supervision.

On the other hand, the more technology-averse decisions will not allow you to avoid the attack, several people will be hurt, and you will have to decide whether you want to join the terrorists’ forces by destroying Anna.

The more nuanced paths will allow you to question Anna’s main weaknesses and see if, in the end, you decide to trust her ability to maintain security in the park or not.

What will you do?

If you have not tried it yet, click that LINK and let the adventure begin. What will you decide?

If you have already done it or you are interested in more information about the results continue to read and check back often for interesting blog posts on results, statistical methodologies and survey science.

“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
― Benjamin Disraeli

A survey is completely useless if we don’t try to understand something new with it. This new format that is FANTASIA, meaning a survey in story form, poses new challenges but opens a lot of new possibilities. Not only we can now understand participants’ opinions based on single questions, but now we can study how their opinions develop while being confronted with difficult situations and consequences. A complete new world of possibilities opens up, and that is very exciting.

But as with everything, it is better to start with something easy and then move to the more difficult (and fun) things. The easiest analysis we can perform is what is called descriptive analysis. It simply means looking at various demographic information about the participants, since this always gives an interesting overview of who tried the story. We can understand things as how opinions change with age, or how education may influence attitudes toward technology.

What people think and how their opinions developed during the story will be discussed in a series of blog posts where we will discuss it at length in quite some depth.

Let’s look at how the groups of participants look. Here are the different representations you will find:

Civilian vs military
What participants thought about the survey
How many participants think that they answered as the majority
Number of university years
How many participants have taken place each day since the start

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Overview Participation


The more the better, but this is how it looks like in reality, in complete transparency!

Spread the word, participate!



The interest is to better understand the influence of age with respect to the acceptance of technologies. Are young people or older generation more open to new technologies ?

The more people we have with an equal repartition between the ages the better!


We know, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Does this applies to that context as well ? What if it were the opposite ?

Let’s see what astrology can tell us and if other planets are coming into play.


Is the civilian or military environment influencing the way think about new technologies ?

Let’s see, what if… you are in the army now !


Do geography geography and education have an impact on how you see things?

Maybe yes, maybe no.. this should allow us to have a first basic idea.


How do you perceive yourself?

Are you really that outlier you think you are ?

Let face the bare truth, anonymously of course !

Years of University

Do university studies broaden or uniform the way you think about using new technologies ?

Did you enjoy it?

We hope that you had a good experience!

We would like to know it or how we could eventually correct and improve it, always.