Futures Fragments

To change the future, we must imagine it first.

Together with The Plurality University Network and the Swissnex Network, we are launching a collaborative and open exploration around the futures of Health, Communication and Energy, using arts, fiction, design and utopias as its primary material of study.

We are offering collaborative repository of visions of what the future might look like, from as many diverse perspectives as possible. Think of the future you want to live in, the future you fear, the most intriguing future, the future of species, of cities, your own or our collective future: Is there an image, a text, a video, that best represents this future?

If so, share it!

Futures of Health

Genetic modifications; body and mind dissociated; the eternity as dream or nightmare; pharmaceutical food combined with natural food; repaired body or enhanced capabilities…

Give us some hints creating a fragment about what could represent Health in the future !

Futures of Communication

Communication is a broad topic integrating technologies, sources of information, state(s) of mind, cognitive bias, personality, timing, as well as infinite ways of doing it.

How do you picture a future in sharing data, information, emotions, experiences and much more ? 

Share a fragment of what would represent it best !

Futures of Energy

Our society today needs energy, as much as we need air to live !

Will the future be different ? Requiring less energy ? More energy? Better energy ? Portable ? Storable ? Energy for what ? Available always ?

Energy can transform cities, the way we move, the way we live!

What is your imagination telling you about it? Share it !

We are calling on you to be part of this project! Here’s why and how.


  • Because there seems to be a lot of things to (re)invent
    → Arts and fiction can open up the conversation to new ideas, help us escape the current paradigms.
  • Because of cultural issues as much as it is technical or economic
    → Arts and fiction can diversify the views on the futures.
  • Because everybody has dreams and dreads, not just experts and pros
    → Arts and fiction can broaden the conversation on the futures.


We will proceed in three different phases, of which you can be part in several ways:

1. COLLECT “fragments” from the future in arts, fiction, design, utopia: images, texts, new words, movies excerpts, sounds, that say something about the futures of Mobility. You have one or more of those in your library, your mind, your computer, your bookmarks, your camera. Your friends, colleagues, students do as well. Share them!

How? Either directly online, on the platform even by email; Or by taking part in or organizing a workshop.

What will this produce? A repository of “fragments” on the futures of the 3 topics, that you and anyone can draw upon, and that will form the basis of phase 2.

2. CURATE, MAP, INTERPRET the “futures fragments” by intersecting with pros, experts, researchers and other stakeholders.
How do these fragments present themselves to you, as sources of surprise, shock, challenge, controversy or inspiration?

How? Either by making and sharing your own selections, or by organizing Curation and Mapping workshops.

What will this produce? Curated sets of fragments, Maps and other representations of futures of these specific topics.

3. PROJECT yourselves and others into alternative futures of mobility, by working together between experts and non-experts to produce new insights, stories and directions.

How? By taking part in, or organizing, multidisciplinary workshops. These will typically be longer workshops (2-3 days)

What will this produce? New stories, frescos, fictional artefacts, and other proposals on new paradigms; Transformational dynamics whereby participants engage in making their vision a reality.