Digital gaming and new technologies

Raising awareness, learning, having fun, testing, innovating, experimenting virtually with new technologies in order to better understand their opportunities and threats? Is it possible, from a playful point of view, to teach new concepts or even to encourage vocations?

These are the issues behind the challenge launched in the framework of the festival Numerik Games!

Using the comic strip CH 2050 – The Future Soldier as a starting point, summarising a conceptual workshop on the soldier of the future, two arcade games were created.

Let yourself be inspired and carried away by the originality of the approaches!


Realized by Qui Cung (CCI-Cotting) and Clément Chassot


Switzerland, September 23rd 2050.

Switzerland is under attack. You are the exploration soldier Clothilde and your mission is to deploy to the spot in order to identify the threats and neutralise them.

This action game is based on the publication “Future Soldier” and tells the parallel story of a soldier who, with the help of advanced technologies such as propulsin, urgalise, or cobrette, defeats the threats a Switzerland of the future might face.

Discover Swiss regions such as Bern, the Alps or Lake Geneva while facing threats such as cybercrime or chemical attacks.

instruction synaptique

In 2050, the evolution of virtual reality is such that the immersed user can no longer tell the difference with the real world. This technology has rapidly spread to all levels of our society.

The Swiss army has recently developed an experimental synaptic immersion training programme called Neurocob. You play a new recruit who is placed in an immersive reality training system.

Your score and your reactions will be analysed by the instructor to define your future assignment.