Thun, 31.08.2022

Accelerating technologies, climate change, increasing complexity, …

In order to adapt today to these future challenges, the foresight programme of armasuisse Science and Technology – deftech – invites you to participate in a collaborative, imaginative and prospective experience.

If you want to anticipate the future, you need to be able to tell stories. On this deftech day on 31.08.22, we invite you to anticipate history. We are looking for prospective fictions that describe the Swiss armed forces in the world of 2044: Which adversaries are emerging? In which environment and in which societies should an army of the future exist? Which technologies and innovations will play a role?

The day will focus on one central question:

How will climate change, future technologies, ‘new’ wars and conflicts and the digital society influence the soldier of the future?

We invite participants from the civilian and military world to answer this question in a collaborative way. To this end, we will introduce a new and innovative method that turns each participant into a creative “storyteller”. Together we will live a world of 2044, in different scenarios presenting the challenges and opportunities of the soldier of the future.

In the scenarios, we will pay special attention to the complex of questions related to “Uncertainty – Innovation – Resilience“. What innovative technologies will soldiers use in 2044 to respond resiliently to uncertainty? All participants will be put in the position of having to think and act from the point of view of the soldier of the future – in a future world still unknown.

The results of the workshop will be directly integrated into various information products of the deftech programme, stimulating challenging thinking about the challenges that the Swiss army might face.

For this unique adventure, the number of places is limited, and mainly by invitation. Please let us know if you are interested by announcing yourself as soon as possible.

Language: the day will be conducted in French and German
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