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Every chip we release, we create the future !

Gaëlle Rey


What stimulated this project was a discussion with the two authors, Gaëlle Rey and Etienne Guerry d’Agence Proton, about the omnipresence of electronic circuits in today’s products. Indeed, if a normal car would have an average of 1500 different ASICS (Application-Specific Inte- grated Circuit), this figure could go up to 5’000 and more for high-end versions. Quality and functions of today products are therefore directly dependent of these components. What about the future ones?

The manufacturing of these elements is of course expensive and the normal business plan for one chip would normally spread over several years. Understanding what is produced today should therefore allow us to imagine possible products that will for sure integrate those components.

As the world moves digital and software is still eating it, companies such as Apple and Tesla are revolutionizing the industry by applying what Alan Kay once said, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Enjoy the ride !