| November 23rd 2023 | The Futures of Future Warfare

The future of warfare isn’t what it used to be.

The exponential growth of both military and dual-use technologies is swiftly reshaping the security landscape.

Artificial intelligence, neuro-augmentation, quantum technologies and many other fast-evolving and mutually-reinforcing techs are challenging current ways of thinking and evoke a vast – and possibly confusing – set of warfare futures.

This gathering is designed to explore some of these technologies, their impacts on strategic security thinking, and what’s coming down the pipeline.

DATENovember 23rd, 2023
TIME :  09:00 – 15:45
LOCATION : Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugene-Rigot 2D, 1211 Geneva
LANGUAGE : English and French, with interventions in German.

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