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Big-Data and Communication
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Energy and Propulsion Technologies
Electronics and electromagnetic

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Bio and Human Enhancement
Materials and advanced manufacturing

Dernières nouvelles technologiques

Another quantum application: navigation resilience through quantum sensing

International defence community interest in quantum science and applications has increased in recent years as [...]

China successfully tests “most powerful” Mach 30 wind tunnel

In mid-July the government of the People’s Republic of China released a video showing what [...]

Australian government pushing the pace on Ghost Bat UAS

The Australian government directed the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) to accelerate development of the [...]

Keeping up: The layered challenge of technology integration and refresh

According to Heappey, the maturation of quantum technologies would offer the potential to fully unlock [...]

Japan MoD releases technology priorities, vision for improved R&D

On 28 June the Japanese Ministry of Defense released an English translation of its Defense Technology [...]

Inspection from the cloud (s): Drones, cloud enablement, and AI enhancing sustainment activites

The United States Air Force is experimenting with a new approach to aircraft inspection that [...]

Experimentation key to technology adoption and building human-machine trust

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into more aspects of military and security operations, concerns [...]

T-7A hits key milestone, shows promise and limitations of digital engineering

The U.S. Air Force successfully flew its planned next generation fighter trainer for the first [...]

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