Future Situational Awareness

If we trust the definition provided by Wikipedia, Situational awareness or situation awareness (SA) is the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status.

The developments in numerous technology areas as well as the convergences of various domains result in innovations and new concepts at sensor, algorithmic and product level.

  1. How to accurately perceive the situation?

    • Measuring, sensing, collecting data and information about the environment
  2. How to correctly comprehend the situation?

    • Making sense of the collected data
    • Mitigating all human biases
  3. How to optimally present the situation?

    • Displaying information without cognitive overload
    • The right information at the right time
  4. How to reliably project the situation?

    • Anticipate “left of the bang” rather than “after something happen”

Are you working on one of these challenges at tactical or strategic level, in one of the 7 operational spheres/domains?

If yes,  do not hesitate to be an actor of this deftech.day and join us for a presentation and to exchange on the topic!

Submitted presentations

Situational Awareness for Land Forces Mirja Wolf, MBDA-Germany
Eyes in the back Fabien Mael, biped.ai
Situation Awareness Optimisation via Data Fusion and Analytics in ISR Opitz Felix, Airbus
How to Catch Snakes – Large-scale identification of Bad Actors Simon Felix, Ateleris GmbH
Presentation AR Tabletop Thomas Imfeld, clever ways gmbh
to be confirmed Pierre Miranda, RUAG Simulation & Training AG
Who can watch us from space and when? Ulrich Langer, armasuisse S+T
5G XR visual augmentation for first responders:
from training, to command center inspection and field real-time inspection
George Papagiannakis, ORamaVR

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    Expect a good mix of participants between military, engineers, researchers and academics. It is a unique opportunity to learn the needs and requirements from the end-users while showing them what is or will be possible soon!

    The majority of the participants will be interested more in the concepts, the vision, real-life results vs laboratory results, system requirements, etc rather than in detailed mathematics (but there are always experts in the room as well !) 


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