Hypervelocity Missiles

Hypervelocity missiles travel at speeds above Mach 5 and up to Mach 25, which is fast, very very fast.

What do they look like?
How are they used?
What aerodynamic, technological and material prowess is required to propel them and guide them to their destination?
How do we defend against these threats?

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deftech-day | Hypervelocity Missiles


Expect a good mix of participants between military, engineers, researchers and academics. It is a unique opportunity to learn the needs and requirements from the end-users while showing them what is or will be possible soon!

The majority of the participants will be interested more in the concepts, the vision, real-life results vs laboratory results, system requirements, etc rather than in detailed mathematics (but there are always experts in the room as well !) 


Feuerwerkerstrasse 39
CH-3602 Thun


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