New invisibility for future battlefields

Because of the numerous elements that might continuously observe and analyse the future battlefields, Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception have to evolve and maybe even re-define themselves to fulfil their promises.

Will there be possibilities to remain invisible over the complete spectrum, and hide from the numerous and various detection systems?

As new battlefields are no longer limited to the domains and dimensions we used to think about, what forms of invisibility could an opportunity or a threat benefit from?

To discover more about the concept of invisibility, we offer to cover the following topics:

*   Invisibility materials
*   Multifunction Metamaterial
*   Electromagnetic wave invisibility
*   Humanless battlefield
*   Unmanned systems
*   Silent war
*   Full invisibility
*   Narrative control

Our aim is to engage you and create revealing moments for you to discover, reflect and experience elements around these topics.

Join us for this unique moment!

Date and place of the event

  • The event takes place on December 1st 2022
  • EPFL Campus, Building BC, 4th floor, room BC410.
    • Coming with the metro
      This link redirects you to the EPFL map indicating the itinerary from metro station (Arrêt M1 EPFL)
      to BC building (room 410)
  • The main languages of the day will be French and German with interventions in English.


08:30 – 09:00 Registration & Welcome coffee
1. Invisibility is now the new camouflage | English Guy Cramer | Hyperstealth
2. Earth observation – remote sensing | English Valentina Tamburello | UZH Space Hub
3. Cognitive neuroscience: everything happens in the brain | Français Bruno Herbelin | EPFL – Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
4. Neurotechnology usage and impact on society | English Marcelo Ienca | EPFL – College of Humanities
5. Capabilities and research in the metamaterials domains | Français Bruno Enrique Studach | M2C – EPFL / CSEM
6. Embedded into nature – Unmanned biomimetic systems | Français Edwin Van Ruymbeke & Romain Miot | Bionic Bird
7. Miniaturization: micro and nanoscale | English Salman Sakar | EPFL – MicroBioRobotic Systems Lab
8. Using present technology to envision a better future | English Adriano Basile | C-UAS Group
9. Militarized digital technologies & threats | Français Jean-Marc Rickli | GCSP
10. Narrative ownership | Français Romaine Jean | Independent journalist
17:45 End of the day
Download the presentations




Download the presentations

The event

This event is the first iteration of a new concept that the research program is investigating. It is part of the deftech.exploration process which focuses on strategic questions and build a learning journey around them.

For an optimal first experience, the number of places available is limited to 30.