New invisibility for future battlefields

Because of the numerous sensors that might continuously observe and analyse the future battlefields, Camouflage, Concealment and Deception have to evolve and maybe even re-define themselves to fulfill their promisses.

How to fool machine learning algorithms? How to remain invisible over the complete electromagnetic spectrum? How to hide from satellite visual and SAR images ?

Are you working on one of these challenges at tactical or strategic level, in one of the 7 operational spheres/domains?

If yes,  do not hesitate to be an actor of this and join us for a presentation and to exchange on the topic!

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    Expect a good mix of participants between military, engineers, researchers and academics. It is a unique opportunity to learn the needs and requirements from the end-users while showing them what is or will be possible soon!

    The majority of the participants will be interested more in the concepts, the vision, real-life results vs laboratory results, system requirements, etc rather than in detailed mathematics (but there are always experts in the room as well !) 


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