Goals of the project

  1. Have an overview and understanding about the different methodologies, the various technologies involved, today and in the future, to compute the three-dimensional coordinates of your own position or of a distant object.

  2. Build a community and a way to visualise the information to keep it up-to-date, interesting and accessible to everybody.

It is quite a challenge as the field is huge, but this is also the reason why looking for synergies and a collaborative approach seem a nice way to start !


  • GNSS
  • Inertial
  • Visual
  • Radio (WLAN, UWB, RFID, etc)
  • Sensors (passive, active, etc)
  • Sound
  • Quantum


  • Air
  • Ground
  • Underground
  • Indoor
  • Maritime

Dynamics & Systems

  • Ground systems
  • Air systems
  • Human (pedestrian navigation)

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