Sensors : observe everything

Sensors are now everywhere. Coupled with increasingly significant computational power, they offer the scope for detection, tracking, analyzing, and even acting remotely, using real time data processing as well as data transmission, for decisions and actions taken.

09.A Transparent Ocean

You can get the position of any submarine, at any depth, everywhere on Earth.

Keywords :
Underwater, submersible

09.B Transparent Walls

You can see through walls as they were not there. What if you can do it not being in contact with the wall.

Keywords :
See through, solid, spying

09.C Sensors Everywhere

You can get intelligence and visual cues about anyone on Earth, within a day.

Keywords :
Sensors, internet of things, all

09.D Thin Air

You can target aircraft over the horizon at a thousand km of distance.

Keywords :
Over the horizon, targeting

09.E Spectral Dominance

AI-driven electronic warfare. Deceive contents of communications mimicking adversarial communications.

Keywords :
AI, EW, mimicry, decoy

09.F Swarm-based radars

Coherent combination of many sensors and emitters. Can use several high-agility platforms to receive a long wavelength signal instead of one big platform. Can also function as a swarm version of an electronically scanned radar.

Keywords :
Long/short wavelength, swarm

09.G Optical Stealth

Broadband invisibility to optical and RF frequencies.

Invisibility, cloak, camouflage

09.H Quantum Communications

Can communicate instantaneously at long range without being prone to eavesdropping.

Secret, tactical, voice comms

09.I Electronic Warfare Minefield

Deliver cyber or cyber-physical effects on attacking agents that cross a certain geographical or virtual boundary.

Keywords :
Boundary, protection, cyber

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Source of the images
09.A; 09.B; 09.C; 09.D; 09.E; 09.F; 09.G; 09.H; 09.I

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