Why Techplus ?

The objective of technology foresight is to open the spectrum of futures that may result from the development of technologies, their combinations, as well as their new uses resulting from the convergence of different domains. It is therefore logical that the anticipation program of armasuisse Science and Technology, also known as deftech (defense future technologies), seeks to identify cutting-edge technological trends, to evaluate their impact on the military context and to inform the Swiss Departement of Defence about the opportunities and threats they may represent.

The Armed Forces, for their part, must ensure their ability to lead and engage in any situation and be able to provide the services expected of them. The operational command leads forces in space and time, taking into account the information available, in order to produce the necessary effects in an operation.

Forces, space, time and information are therefore the determining factors of operational control. Each time one of these factors changes, the others must be reassessed.

This interdependence and permanent interaction are also what human beings are facing with their environment. There is therefore a direct interest in understanding what role technology plays and could play in the conception of space and time, as well as its impact on our faculties of perception, cognition and choice. These reflections being led by a NATO research group, it seemed obvious to try to join forces with different and probably complementary approaches to the theme.

The interest is also methodological in the sense that a direct link between prospective reflections and operational effects can be built. Given the nature of the workshops, we hope to stimulate transversal impacts between different institutions, but also between various citizen: YOU. Future technologies and the potential products resulting from their integration are not only described, but their effects are also anticipated. The world of ideas and concepts is thus linked to the world of action. Isn’t this the only ultimate goal justifying any foresight activity?

We thank you in advance for your participation and hope you will find these moments intellectually stimulating!

Prospectively yours,

Quentin Ladetto

Head of Technology Foresight
armasuisse Science and Technology

28-29 June 2022