Big Data, Information and Communication Technologies

Data describes Big Data (raw digital data) that presents significant volume, velocity, variety, veracity and visualisation challenges.

Increased digitalisation, a proliferation of new sensors, new communication modes, the internet-of-things and the virtualisation of socio-cognitive spaces (e.g. social media) have contributed significantly to the development of Big Data.

Advanced (Data) Analytics describes advanced analytical methods for making sense of and visualising large volumes of such information. These techniques span various approaches drawn from research areas across the data and decision sciences, including artificial intelligence, optimisation, modelling & simulation (M&S), human factors engineering and operational research.

Two additional aspects are essential in considering the big data challenge: Information and Communication Technologies, and sensors and sensing. This systemof-systems is necessary for an effective multi-domain C4ISR framework, reflecting the collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of information supporting decision-making and C2.

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