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Posts with respect to the Technocast Fantasia project.

Context is fundamental in how one react to artificial intelligence

Normally we think that our attitude toward ethical issues is absolute, or in other words it is not dependent of the context in which we find ourselves. Furthermore, one tends to think that we have quite a constant attitude toward specific issues, or in other words we think we react in the same way when […]

Gender and pre-conceptions about yourself

There are other interesting questions that we can look at with all the data at our disposal. Namely Does gender play any role in the attitude toward AI? One of the question during the survey is “In your opinion, are your choices close to the majority of the other participants?”, and interestingly enough roughly 60% […]

Average behaviour of participants – different visualisation possibilities

One of the main questions we posed ourselves in this project, was what was the attitude of participants about the use of AI. We can visualise the behaviour of all participants on the survey tree as we described in the previous blog post. We can achieve that by drawing the arrows with a size that […]

A first look at the survey structure

A first look at the survey Introduction The survey FantasI.A. is structured in story mode. That means that each question has (in this case) two possible answers. Each participants can then decide on which path through the story he/she wants to take. Below you can see the actual structure of the survey, visualised as a […]