Enhanced Soldier

The enhanced soldier is a soldier with better skills, stimulated or created from scratch with a view to reinforcing their operational efficiency. These enhancements may range from physiological modification to a change in psychological state, to the use of resources, which, as a part of the entity, provide continuity in the enhancement of their physical, sensory, or cognitive capabilities.

07.A Super Sensing & Thinking

Enhance human senses and cognitive abilities to super-human levels (E.g. memory, eyesight (infrared/ultraviolet), hearing) to increase speed of learning and comprehension and reduce reaction times.

Keywords :
Super human, faster, brighter

07.B Body Self-Repair

Heal wounds, injury or illness using DNA restructuring or synthetic biology solutions (E.g. artificially grown body parts).

Keywords :
DNA, synthetic, repair, heal

07.C Bio-Databases

Store or process massive amounts of data in living organisms.

Keywords :
DNA data storage, tattoos

07.D Human-Machine

Mechanically augment the human body either with exoskeleton or internal mechanical parts to gain super strength, balance and speed.

Keywords :
Body armour, exoskeleton

07.E Secret Tactical Comms

Silently and securely communicate directly over short distances, maybe reading brainwaves.

Keywords :
Brain reading, short range comms

07.F Health Monitoring

Continuously monitor health and wellbeing of entire populations at the individual level.

Keywords :
Health monitoring, biometrics

07.G Controlled Drug Delivery

Activate and deactivate drugs/hormones in own body or bodies of others/animals on demand using concealed systems.

Keywords :
Controlled drug delivery, delay

07.H Psychotic Effects Weapon

Remotely induce mass hysteria or hallucinations in groups or individuals.

Keywords :
Psychotic effects

07.I Genetic Targeting

Design pathogens/antidotes to target individuals with certain genetic characteristics while not affecting individuals with other genetics and to change the genetic combinations present in affected individuals.

Keywords :
Genetic selection, race

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Source of the images :
07.A; 07.B; 07.C; 07.D; 07.E; 07.F; 07.G; 07.H; 07.I

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