Manufacturing and Materials

New materials are characterised by unique and exceptional properties. They are manufactured using, in particular, nanotechnologies and synthetic biology. More hard-wearing, lighter, more conductive; changing form, colour, and properties, according to a specific stimulus, these materials open the door to new products and more innovative applications.

08.A Synthetic Biology

Artificially grow human body parts for use for transplants to heal injured people or to upgrade humans.

Keywords :
Synthetic, home grown, repair

08.B Instant Antidote

Develop antidotes/neutralizing agents for certain Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear contamination on the fly.

Keywords :
Instant, anti-toxin, neutralize

08.C Backyard CRISPR

Create biological pathogens from materials and knowledge available at low cost and to everyone.

Keywords :
CRISPR, hobbyist, DNA hacker

08.D Smartlite Armour

Wear lightweight body armour/clothes that are extremely flexible, but resistant to bullets or directed energy fire.

Keywords :
Responsive, thin, strong

08.E Military Printables

Print out hand held weapons or parts of military grade systems that are operational, yet can’t be detected by weapons scanning devices due to their material properties.

Keywords :
3D printing, home use, covert

08.F Temporary Shelters

Build large shelters from extremely resilient extremely lightweight material that holds its structure once set in place, but remembers how it was packed and self-packs in minutes.

Keywords :
Lightweight, cheap, rapid

08.G Non-diffractive ammo

Fire bullets/projectiles that don’t ricochet if they bounce off hard surface (suitable for underground, cities or inside buildings).

Keywords :
Bullets, indoor, underground

08.H Textured Explosives

Embed hidden explosives in structures and systems (available to individuals).

Keywords :
Improvised explosives, hidden

08.I Spider climbing

Climb walls or windows with sticky material applied to hands and knees/feet.

Keywords :
Climber, sticky, superhuman

Adapted from the original 2018 version by  Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

Source of the images:
08.A; 08.B; 08.C; 08.D; 08.E; 08.F; 08.G; 08.H; 08.I

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