New Weapons

Humans have no limits when it comes to the imagination of new solutions via the convergence of technologies and the combination of inventions in various domains. Jules Verne mentioned it already “Whatever a person can imagine, one day someone will realize it.” What we are experiencing seems to prove him right!

06.A Energy Beam Self Defence

Automatically defend air, maritime and land assets from incoming missiles or enemy systems using high powered energy beam weapons (E.g. lasers) installed as modules on those assets.

Keywords :
High power, beam, defence

06.B Hypersonic Missile

Launch a precision hypersonic attack from ground, air or orbit capable of absolute destruction of a massive area, the size of a large building or shopping complex. Only possible for states or extremely rich organizations/individuals.

Keywords :
Hypersonic, precision

06.C Super Destructive Projectiles

Propel projectiles over great distances and without the need for chemical propellant, using only electromagnetism. Extreme destructive power. Less powerful versions available to individuals as well as states.

Keywords :
Railgun, EM propulsion

06.D Small System Missile Defence

Neutralize underwater mines, defend against torpedoes and other submarines and generally destroy underwater equipment without the need for bombs or missiles (E.g. acoustic weapon on underwater system).

Keywords :
Acoustic, underwater weapon

06.E Disrupt Radio Frequency

Disrupt the radiofrequency functions of sensors, communications and navigation equipment. Particularly useful for air defence and against satellites or space sensors. Radiofrequency disruptors could be installed in systems in any domain.

Keywords :
Radiofrequency, scrambling

06.F Non-Lethal Effects

Deter or distract individuals or groups in a specific area at distance by inducing unpleasant physical sensations ranging from slightly uncomfortable to unbearable.

Keywords :
Non-lethal, directed energy

06.G Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Temporarily or permanently prevent electronic devices from functioning in an area effect. Can disrupt swarms, robots, vehicles, etc.

Electronic interference

06.H X-Ray Bomb

Simultaneously identify and destroy multiple incoming ballistic missiles inside or outside the atmosphere.

Keywords :
Ballistic missile defence, X-ray

06.I Raygun

Disable specific targeted electronic systems (e.g. air/space craft, robots, vehicles), even those with electromagnetic shielding or countermeasures, effectively but only at short range.

Keywords :
Targeted, short range

Adapted from the original 2018 version by Quentin Ladetto, Gabriele Rizzo, Jacqueline Eaton

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