Future Weapons

Weapons like any other product have an evolution and will benefit from progresses in all the areas of the civilian industries. Improvements in speed, agility, target detection and identification, stealth, not to mention robotics in general and the recent activities in different spheres such as Space and Cyberspace create a fertile ground for the development and invention of future weapons.

Without entering the debate if a weapon is acceptable or not given the Geneva conventions, some of them will have specificities that might cause ethical challenges for people to use.

Examples of answers already received

  • Automatic differentiation between civilian and military
  • High accuracy delivery of the payload
  • Desactivation function at any time
  • Non-lethal weapons creating pain or indisposition
  • Decision to kill a human being performed by the machine only, without human supervision.
  • Weapons causing environmental pollution after destruction of the target.

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