Genome Editing

Recent progresses in technology have made accessible the artificial editing of the genome, not only for plants and animals, but also for humans. Genetic manipulation opens the door to a lot of hope from curing deseases to solving famine caused by droughts thanks to some more resitant crops.

At the same time fear rises with the possible creation of viruses targeting people with specific genetical characteristics and unknown consequences of genome manipulations on future generations. Power comes with responsability, but which uses would you rather give your approval to?

Examples of answers already received

  • Cure diseases
  • Find new ways to produce substances (spider silk produced by goats)
  • Change the flavour, the colour, the aspect of some aliments
  • Define the genetics of your future child
  • Modifying human properties for specific purposes – special forces
  • Create individual vaccines only

Your Opinion matters

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    Which uses of the artificial modification of the genome would you see as ACCEPTABLE for civilian and military ? (*)



    Which uses of the artificial modification of the genome would you see as UNACCEPTABLE for civilian and military ? (*)



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