Considering the information technology surrounding us, our understanding of privacy has evolved for sure in the last years. Are we more open to share private information than before? What is really private information? towards whom? Are you becoming suspect of something because you are not on social medias? Is it the new norm? Until where can a government go to know about its citizens to ensure the general security?

Examples of answers already received

  • Medical relevant information in case health-threatening emergency
  • Position of the mobile in case of illegal action
  • Position of the mobile to get information of the area you are staying (Augmented Reality)
  • Position of the mobile for the purpose to avoid pandemic spread
  • Information about your financial situation
  • Information about your personal health situation
  • Information on social media that are already made accessible in
  • Information of your shopping profile

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    What private information would you find ACCEPTABLE to share automatically given a situation in a civilian or military context ? (*)



    What private information would you find UNACCEPTABLE to share automatically in a civilian or military context ? (*)



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