Human Enhancement and Repair

The human being is far from perfect and its evolution takes time, too much time for some of us! Thanks to different technologies it is now possible not only to restore some functions after an accident, but also to enhance them.

Potentially creating some inequality between who can afford to be enhanced and who cannot, we wonder if there are contexts, situations or even senses that are more acceptable than other to be enhanced.

Examples of answers already received

  • Restoring senses and functionalities.
  • Non permanent enhancements such as external devices (exoskeleton) to perform given tasks.
  • Temporary enhancements for a specific mission ?
  • Permanent enhancement with skills beyond normal, even expert level.
  • Human getting capabilities that are not human (night vision, ultrasound hearing, …)

Your Opinion matters

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    Which situations and limits (civilian and military) are for you ACCEPTABLE for humans to be enhanced ? (*)



    Which situations and limits (civilian and military) are for you UNACCEPTABLE for humans to be enhanced ? (*)



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