Human-Machine Teaming

Citing Paul Scharre, “The winner of the robotics revolution will not be who develops this technology first or even who has the best technology, but who figures out how to best use it.”

If we are used to work with machines since the last industrial revolution, teaming with a (or more) machines to better perform a task is still something new. Example of such interactions includes aircraft cockpits, industrial plants, but also nursing and caring psychological or physical. What function or task would you be ready to give to perform to a machine rather than to a human?

Examples of answers already received

  • In medical context, when the machine allows better decision and precision in surgery
  • In situation where the machines can analyse inputs much quicker and better than humans and allow therefore a more informed decision than without teaming
  • Reduce risk for humans (Assistant Systems or remote piloted robots)
  • Rescue of people in hazardous environment
  • Support for Soldiers in dangerous situations on a battlefield
  • Saturate Sensors of the Enemy
  • Applications for which the machine does not bring any value other than the economical ones

Your Opinion matters

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    What are the the civilian and military circumstances for which you find human-machine teaming ACCEPTABLE ? (*)



    What are the civilian and military circumstances fo which you find human-machine teaming UNACCEPTABLE ? (*)



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