Identity Recognition & Analysis

Technologies including facial recognition system (from a digital image or a video frame from a video source), sensors measuring various physiological parameters or simply implemented electronic chipset (RFID) allow the identification or verification of a person identity.

This offers various opportunities but also numerous threats for the privacy. Automatically recognising somebody could present various advantages in medical emergencies or in a professional context, but what are the informations you would allow to share? Where would you draw the line?

Examples of answers already received

  • Use of the identity in medical urgent situation
  • Use in defined professional environment to allow access to places and information
  • Discrimination between military and civilians on the battlefield
  • Continuous tracking of people in public places such as stores
  • Continuous tracking of people for crime prevention

Your Opinion matters

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    What uses of the automatic identity recognition would be ACCEPTABLE for you in a civilian and military context ? (*)



    What uses of the automatic identity recognition are for you UNACCEPTABLE in a civilian and military context ? (*)



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